Ground Microphone
HMW PCorr+
HWM’s PCorr+ leak correlator enables water network operators to quickly and efficiently locate leaks.

Key Features and Benefits
Flexible deployment: Permanent, semi permanent, or ‘lift & shift’
Remote sound analysis: File capture listening mode
Remote sound correlation: Correlation mode finds leaks without need for a site visit.
Auto download: Able to store up to 1 month of history
USB ‘Plug-in’: Patroller module for use with tablet or PC software
Map view: PCorr+ software gives map view, listening correlation and frequency
Fully waterproof: The IP68 rating has been tested at 10 m depth over a 24 hour period.

Parameters: User Programmable
Ingress Protection: IP68
Type of Battery: Lithium / replaceable
Dimensions: 136 x 50 x 50 mm
Weight: 0,62 kg.
Battery Life: Typically 5 years depending on mode of operation
Operating Temperature: -10°C ... +60°C
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