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DayCor® ROMpact is a bi spectral UVVisible camera with excellent scanning & corona detection capabilities that fit scanning high and medium voltage electrical installations. Due to its small size and low weight ROMpact can be installed in payloads of various sizes and shapes and in particular on UAS. ROMpact can also be mounted on fixed mounts and on a moving pan & tilt. ROMpact’s precision is attributed to the embedded DayCor® Technology, which guarantees high sensitivity to UV corona discharge. ROMpact performs in daytime, delivering in real time pinpointed information of occurrences of corona PD and of electrical faults. ROMpact is attractive to systems with size and weight limitation and to systems that wish to incorporate multi spectral sensors.
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Main features
Minimum Discharge Detection
1pC @ 10 meters
Minimum UV Sensitivity
1,9 x E-18 watt/cm²
Field of View
8° x 6°
Focus Range
from 1,5 m.
Spectral Range
240 nm ... 280nm
UV/Visible Overlay Accuracy
< 1 miliradian
Minimum Visible Light Sensitivity
0,1 Lux
UV and Video
Additional features
Video capture




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