Hioki PW3390
Hioki PW3390
Hioki PW 3390 power meter is a high-precision, broad-range power analyzer for measuring electrical power from DC to inverter frequencies, providing four input channels to support single- and three-phase inverter motor systems.

Measurement line type: Single-phase 2-wire, single-phase 3-wire, three-phase 3-wire, three-phase 4-wire, Voltage 4 channels, Current 4 channels, Isolated between each channel

Measurement items: Frequency, RMS voltage, voltage mean value rectification RMS equivalent, voltage AC component, voltage simple average, voltage fundamental wave component, voltage waveform peak +, voltage waveform peak -, voltage total harmonic distortion, voltage ripple factor, voltage unbalance factor, RMS current, current mean value rectification RMS equivalent, current AC component, current simple average, current fundamental wave component, current waveform peak +, current waveform peak -, current total harmonic distortion, current ripple factor, current unbalance factor, active power, apparent power, reactive power, power factor, voltage phase angle current phase angle, power phase angle, positive-direction current magnitude, negative-direction current magnitude, sum of positive- and negative-direction current magnitude, positive-direction power magnitude, negative-direction power magnitude, sum of positive- and negative-direction power magnitude, efficiency, loss, Current integration, active power integration

PW3390-03 only: Torque, Rotation, Frequency, Slip, or Motor power

Harmonic measurement
Input: 4 ch, Synchronization frequency range: 0,5 Hz ... 5 kHz
Number of harmonic orders: Max. 100th order

Noise measurement:
Number of channels: 1 ch (select one channel from CH1 to CH4)
Maximum analysis frequency: 200 k/ 50 k/ 20 k/ 10 k/ 5 k/ 2 kHz

Motor Analysis (PW3390-03 only):
Input: 3 ch (CH A, CH B, CH Z)
Measurement parameters: Voltage, torque, rotation rate, frequency, slip, and motor power

Measurement range:
Voltage range: 15 V ... 1500 V, 7 ranges
Current range: 0,1 A ... 20 kA (depends on current sensor)

Effective measuring power range: 0,0150 W ... 39,600 MW (determined automatically by the combination of voltage range, current range, and measurement line)

Basic accuracy (45 Hz ... 66 Hz)
Voltage: ±0,04 % rdg. ±0,05 % f.s.
Current: ±0,04 % rdg. ±0,05 % f.s. + current sensor accuracy
Active power: ±0,04 % rdg. ±0,05 % f.s. + current sensor accuracy

Synchronization frequency range: 0,5 Hz ... 5 kHz
Frequency band: DC, 0,5 Hz ... 200 kHz
Data update rate: 50 ms
Display refresh rate: 200 ms
Auto-Save Functions: Each value is stored to CF card during every measurement interval (not available for USB storage), OFF, 50 msec ... 500 msec, 1 sec ... 30 sec, 1 minute ... 60 minutes, 15 settings
External interfaces: LAN, USB (for communication/ memory), RS-232C (for communication/LR8410 link), CF card, Synchronization control, External Control
Logger connectivity: Sends measured values wirelessly to logger by using a Bluetooth wireless technology serial conversion adapter.
Power supply: 100 V ... 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 140 VA max.
Dimensions: 340 x 170x 156 mm
Weight: 4,6 kg

Standard set: Hioki PW3390, Instruction Manual, Power cord, Measurement Guide, USB cable, Input cord label, D-sub connector (PW3390-02, PW3390-03)
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