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Conductivity meter HD2206.2
Conductivity meter HD2206.2
The HD2206.2 is a bench top instrument for electrochemical measures: conductivity, and temperature. It is fitted with a large backlighted LCD display.
The HD2206.2 measures conductivity, resistivity in liquids, total disssolved solids (TDS), and salinity with combined 4-ring and 2-ring conductivity/temperature probes. The conductivity probes can have a direct input or with SICRAM module. The inputs are separate.

Standard set: device, power supply, user manual, software (sensors ordered separately)
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Main features
Temperature compensation


Conductivity measurement
0,000 µS/cm ... 1999 mS/cm
Conductivity measurement accuracy
±0,5 % ±1 digit
Measurement of dissolved solids
0,00 mg/l ... 999 g/l
Dissolved solids accuracy
±0,5 % ±1 digit
Salinity measurement
0,000 g/l ... 199,9 g/l
Salinity accuracy
±0,5 % ±1 digit
Temperature measurement
-50 °C ... +150 °C
Temperature accuracy
±0,1 °C ±1 digit
Additional features
Ingress protection
2000 screens
Adjustable storage interval


USB, Bluetooth (optional)
Price 676.00 without VAT
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