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Demonstration Board MA 2067 provides evident representation of electrical installations in industrial and residential buildings, fault simulation and their location as well as testing the installations by using suitable instruments. Incorporated are all significant elements of electrical installations, such as fuses, FI protective switches, sockets, various consumers of electric energy and various grounding systems (TT, TN, IT).
65 various measurements can be carried out on the board. Using the built-in fault simulator various faults on electrical installations and on connected consumers can be  emonstrated. Total number of fault combinations available, amounts to 19.
Matavimo standartai:
EN 61010-1 (saugumo)
EN 50081-1 (EMC)
EN 50082-1 (EMC)

Standard set: Demonstration Board MA 2067, jumper (x4), demonstration board support (for vertical use), single phase matching cable, instruction manual
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