Earth/Clamp testers
Chauvin Arnoux C.A 6417
Chauvin Arnoux
C.A 6417
They are particularly easy to use thanks to ergonomic innovations such as a force compensation system to keep the clamp open without any effort, an OLED display, offering visibility over an angle of 180° whatever the lighting conditions. The automatic PRE-HOLD function when the clamp is opened and the automatic jaw calibration function at power-up help to optimize processing of the measurements provided by the clamps.

They also allow users to display the impedance transposed to a frequency close to the network frequency, thus reducing measurement errors when low values are involved.

Equipped with Bluetooth communication, the C.A 6417 clamp can be used with the GTC and/or DATAVIEW® PC software to view the values in real time, recover the measurements and create standard or customized measurement reports. There is also an ANDROID application for tablets & smartphones for viewing real-time graphs, GPS geolocation of the measurements and email distribution of the measurements with graphs, comments and photos

Standard set: 1 clamp delivered in a carrying case with 4 x 1.5 V batteries, 1 CD-Rom containing the operating manual in 5 languages and the software with a simplified GTT driver
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Main features
Wireless earth resistance measurement (check accessories)


0,000 Ω ... 1500 Ω
Additional features
TRMS current (with current clamp, check accessories)


Display range
0,200 mA ... 39,99 A
Power supply
4 x AA type batteries


Special accessories
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