Multifunction air meters
Delta OHM HD21ABE17
Delta OHM
Delta OHM HD21ABE17 - is a multifunctional and accurate indoor air quality analyzer. This versatile datalogger can be used to determine air quality in residential, office and industrial building.

Standard set: Delta OHM HD 21AB17, DeltaLog10 software, rechargeable batteries, operating manual, case.
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Main features
Air temperature
-20°C ... +60°C
Temeprature accuracy
±0,2°C ±0,15% of measurement
Relative humidity
0 % ... 100 %
Relative humidity accuracy
up from ±1,5%
CO₂ concentration
0 ppm ... 5000 ppm
CO₂ accuracy
±50 ppm ±3% of measurement
CO concentration
0 ppm ... 500 ppm
CO accuracy
±3 ppm ±3% of measurement
Additional features
Changeable sensors


67600 recordings
Changeable save interval


160 x 160 pixels, 52 x 42 mm
Ingress protection
Price 790.00 without VAT
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