Hand-held IR thermometers
Portable infrared thermometers are lightweight and easy to use. IR thermometer collects thermal radiation emitted by a body and counts the temperature. Infrared thermometer is useful for measuring temperature under circumstances where thermocouples or other probe type sensors cannot be used
CHINO IR-TE2 (protection class of IP67)
CHINO IR-TE2 (protection class of IP67)
CHINO IR-TE2 palm-sized infrared thermometer is designed to measure the surface temperature of objects without making contact with them. The built-in laser sighting pinpoints the center of the area being measured on the target.

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Main features
-40ºC ... 300ºC
Temperature measurement accuracy
up to ±1% ± 1 digit or ±2ºC ± 1 digit
Ingress protection
Response time
1 second
Selectable emissivity


Additional features
Working conditions
0ºC ... 50ºC


123 g
Price 99.00 without VAT
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