DG4202 (200 MHz, 2 CH, 500 MS/s)
DG4202 (200 MHz, 2 CH, 500 MS/s)
DG4202 is multifunctional generator that combines many functions in one, including function generator, arbitrary waveform generator, pulse generator, harmonic generator, analog/digital modulator and counter. All the models have two channels with complete equivalent functions and precisely adjustable

Standard set: instrument, power cord, USB cable, BNC cable, quick guide, resource CD
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Existing functions
Main features
Output frequency
200 MHz
Output channels
Output amplitude range
50Ω: 1 mVpp - 10 Vpp (up to 20MHz), 1 mVpp - 5 Vpp (up to 70 MHz), 1 mVpp - 2,5 Vpp (up to 120 MHz), 1 mVpp - 1 Vpp (up to 200 MHz)
Sample rate
500 MSa/s
Waverform length
8 Mpts
Vertical resolution
14 bits
7 inch color TFT LCD, 800x 480
Price 1628.00 without VAT
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