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Delta OHM DeltaOhm HD3517TC1.10
Delta OHM
DeltaOhm HD3517TC1.10
Temperature and relative humidity combined probe with high accuracy R.H. sensor.  
- R.H. sensor type: capacitance
- R.H. sensor measuring range: 0…100%. R.H.
- Accuracy of relative humidity measurement: ± 1,5 %RH (0..90 %RH) / ± 2 %RH (remaining range).
- Sensor operating temperature: -20…+80 °C standard, -40…+150 °C with option E.
- Temperature sensor: NTC10KΩ
- Measuring range: -40…+105 °C
- Probe length: 135mm
- Probe diameter: 14mm
- Cable length: 10m
- Connection: 4-pole M12 female
Price 190,00 without VAT
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