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FLIR FlexView
2022 07 26
FLIR FlexView

With the push of a button, the FLIR FlexView lens allows you to instantly switch from a 24° wide view for scene context to 14° telephoto for an accurate temperature measurement. The FlexView allows you to inspect critical components more efficiently than ever by ​​putting 2.8x pixels on your target with the 1.7x optical radiometric zoom.

Now you don't have to carry an extra lens and risk dropping it or contaminating sensitive camera parts. Stay outside of arc flash zones while scanning critical assets at a safe distance.

Fixed Monitoring
With one lens and no hassle, you can capture both full targets at close distances​ and small targets at longer distances. The FlexView lens allows you to get more pixels on your target for high-quality data which allows you to improve decision making.


For more information about FLIR FlexView, click HERE.

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