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Expanded technical service capabilities
2017 02 21
Expanded technical service capabilities

JSC „Elintos matavimo sistemos“ are proud to announce that we are expanding the range of technical maintenance services provided to our customers. Not only are we now able to repair high and low AC/DC voltage and very low frequency power sources, but we can also test them and perform calibrations. Our new laboratory is able to check and measure the voltage generated by various devices and to inspect them using voltage of up to 100 kV. Our facilities are also equipped to provide the required loads to simulate realistic measurement conditions for measurement of leakage voltages in high voltage power sources and also inspection or calibration of built-in leakage voltage meters. Using an oscilloscope we can determine the waveforms generated by very low frequency power sources. This is important for equipment used for cable diagnostics, partial discharge and tan delta measurements. Should you need your equipment calibrated, our specialists are more than happy to assist you. All equipment used by JSC „Elintos matavimo sistemos“ is properly calibrated and has the calibration certificates to prove it.


Save time and money by taking advantage of maintenance services provided by JSC „Elintos matavimo sistemos“: standard delivery time within Baltic countries is only 1-2 days, while delivery time to remaining EU countries takes over a week or even more.

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