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Naujasis FLIR E52
2022 06 23

FLIR E52 - nedidelis ir funkcionalus termovizorius. Puikus temperatūros jautrumas, ryškus ekrano vaizdas, įvairūs fokusavimo režimai bei patogi vartotojo sąsaja ir papildomos funkcijos pravers atliekant pastatų defektų paiešką.
WiFi ir Bluetooth sąsajos, radiometrinių duomenų transliavimas realiu laiku. Raiška 240 x 180, jautrumas iki <0,05°C.


Daugiau informacijos apie FLIR E52 rasite ČIA.

Deep Trekker DTG3 ROV
2021 05 05

Deep Trekker DTG3 ROV - an underwater, remote controlled drone, available at Elintos Matavimo Sistemos. Designed with the operator in mind, making inspections and surveys in the harshest environments easier than ever before.

The DTG3 is a mini observation-class underwater ROV built to provide operators the ability to quickly deploy and visually inspect within underwater environments.

Take the mission anywhere with one case and a self contained battery operated system.

Information regarding our activity during the quarantine
2020 03 30

To our customers and business partners,

As You may know, due to the pandemic of COVID-19 virus, Lithuania has entered a state of quarantine. According to the guidelines issued by the government of Lithuania, people are advised to work from home. Fortunately, by utilizing modern software solutions, we at Elintos Matavimo Sistemos are able to continue our activity with minimal interference.

Contacting us: do not hesitate to contact us. All our email addresses and telephone numbers remain active and our team of technical experts will provide you with qualified and in-depth advice and help You choose a solution best suited to Your needs.

Delivery: we are currently using couriers to deliver goods to our customers daily and are ordering new devices from our partners. Although some manufacturers have reported that there will be some delays, most have adapted to the situation at hand will be able to deliver the requested equipment on time. We also have some devices available from stock.

Training: Our experts will remotely provide You with additional training for devices which require it, via a platform of Your choice.

Warranty and post-warranty service: we continue to provide devices with warranty and post-warranty service. Devices must be delivered to us via a courier. For more information on how to register your device for warranty and post-warranty serice, please click here.

Stop the virus without stopping Your business!

Expanded technical service capabilities
2017 02 21

JSC „Elintos matavimo sistemos“ are proud to announce that we are expanding the range of technical maintenance services provided to our customers. Not only are we now able to repair high and low AC/DC voltage and very low frequency power sources, but we can also test them and perform calibrations. Our new laboratory is able to check and measure the voltage generated by various devices and to inspect them using voltage of up to 100 kV. Our facilities are also equipped to provide the required loads to simulate realistic measurement conditions for measurement of leakage voltages in high voltage power sources and also inspection or calibration of built-in leakage voltage meters. Using an oscilloscope we can determine the waveforms generated by very low frequency power sources. This is important for equipment used for cable diagnostics, partial discharge and tan delta measurements. Should you need your equipment calibrated, our specialists are more than happy to assist you. All equipment used by JSC „Elintos matavimo sistemos“ is properly calibrated and has the calibration certificates to prove it.


Save time and money by taking advantage of maintenance services provided by JSC „Elintos matavimo sistemos“: standard delivery time within Baltic countries is only 1-2 days, while delivery time to remaining EU countries takes over a week or even more.

FLIR Aerial kits
2016 07 20

Elintos Matavimo Sistemos proudly presents FLIR Aerial kits, an elegant fusion of a drone and a thermal camera. With various options available, you can preform building inspection, wildlife observation, search your surroundings or quickly react to emergency situations.

Zenmuse XT Thermal Camera & Stabilized Gimbal: a thremal camera equipped with a stabilized gimbal. Allows for capture in a 360° field of view.

Inspire 1: drone. Speed up to 22 m/s, up to 18 min. flight time, max ascend speed is 5m/s.

For more information, click here.

Naujieji FLIR TG167 ir TG130 bekontakčiai termometrai
2016 04 01

FLIR TG serijos bekontaktis pirometras - bekontaktis termometras su termovaizdu. Naudodamiesi naujaisiais FLIR TG167 arba TG130 galėsite išmatuoti paviršių temperatūrą sunkiai pasiekiamose vietose, o LCD ekrane pamatysite temperatūros pasiskirstymą paviršiuose. Geriausias kainos ir kokybės santykis rinkoje, šie pirometrai tai nepakeičiami pagalbininkai aptarnaujant instaliacijas ar atliekant jų patikrą.

FLIR TG130 kaina, tik 187,00 €!

New Flir thermal camera - C2!
2015 03 10

Small, compact, light - average mobile phone size for detecting cull places, to check work quality and find possible fault locations. Irreplaceable for electrician or engineer professional, but price is suitable for beginner and daily use.

Check out the new FLIR TG165
2015 01 23

Equipped with FLIR’s exclusive Lepton® micro thermal camera, the TG165 helps you identify heat patterns, reliably measure temperature, and store images and data for reports. And with a spot ratio of 24 to 1, you can take accurate readings from safer distances. The TG165 is simple to operate, featuring intuitive menu icons and dual laser pointers.

Key fetures:

  • Imaging Detector: FLIR Lepton™ Microbolometer Focal Plane Array (FPA)
  • Image Resolution: 4,800 Pixels (80 x 60)
  • Range: -25 to 380°C
  • Thermal Imaging Sensitivity: 150mK
  • Frame Rate: 9 Hz
  • Color Palettes: 2 (Grey Scale, Hot Iron)
  • Saved Image Format: Bitmap (BMP) Image with Temperature and Emissivity
  • Lasers: Dual Diverging Lasers, Frames Temp Measurement Area
  • Operating Temperature: -10 to 45°C
MI 6301 FonS are now included in Lithuanian State Metrology Service registry
2014 05 16

The MI 6301 FonS, a state of the art sound analyzer, which can be used for spot checking of different locations or performing long investigations in a specific location. This device has been included in Lithuania’s State Metrology Service registry. Registry number: 2-2463:2014.

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